As a part of Gemini project participants from Hungary, Albania, Slovenia, Montenegro, Greece and Bosnia and Herzegovina visited quite a few places in Sarajevo where they got to gain an in-depth insight with the situation in BiH regarding social empowerment of women and women entrepreneurship. 

After completing training sessions, we visited a fair organized by women entrepreneurs where participants got the opportunity to get familiar with the way they do their business.

We visited International Burch University where we welcomed by Selma and Amna who presented us the work of Burch Start Up incubator and familiarized us with the necessary steps of starting your own company. Amna presented us her own business she started via the incubator platform and talked about challenges and stereotypes she faced as a woman in the entrepreneurship as well as how she overcame them.

During our visit to Start up studio, we discussed many interesting topics with Sejdefa Bašić, collective impact director. She explained the specifics of entrepreneurship in our country, different problems that arise from those specifics and what do they at Start up studio do to help young people in the field of business. 

Our last but extremely worth and productive visit was at the Homework HUB where we attended the panel discussion within the EU4Youth event where together with the representative of the EU delegation for BiH, we discussed about the European integration from the perspective of youth.

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