During this month, in the period from 15th to 17th of March 2022, three Round Tables were held as part of the project “EU ON THE MOVE” as a part of Erasmus+ Sport program.

Main topic of Round tables was presentation of the project, but also what has been done so far and what will be done when it comes to implementation of further phases. Additionally, we wanted to create strong network of sport professionals and coaches all across Bosnia and Herzegovina.  

The main aim of the EU on the Move project is to increase awareness of the importance of physical activity among children aged 7-11 (elementary school students) by additionaly educating sport proffesionals (trainers, kinesiologists) and by implementing sport activities for children in schools/sport clubs/organizations in each partner country.

Main objectives of EU on the Move project are:


  • raise the awareness of the importance of physical activity among children;
  • increase physical activity levels in children;
  • increase the proportion of children that participate in after-school sport activities;
  • additionally educate sport professionals (trainers/kinesiologists) who work with children;
  • combine sport with culture/ecology/nutrition and educate children on the other values through sport.




We believe that this project will make a strong impact in Bosnia and Herzegovina in a sense of providing coaches, teachers and sport workers with another perspective on physical activities in children’s lives. Together with our partners, we will be now moving to next phase which will enable us to implement practical skills and knowledge we gained through the project. Several sport clubs and schools will have a chance to go through a training session about games and workshops for children that have the main goal of raising awareness about the importance of physical activity for children.


Respective sports audience have been presented with opportunities that they can enjoy thanks to this project, in the form of training, education and training for individuals; networking, participation in local and international activities, and increasing the capacity of training staff for clubs and sports organizations; as well as opportunities for networking with schools from the EU and neighboring countries, training for teachers at local and international level and increasing capacity for schools. With a focus on our youngsters, on children from 7 to 11 years of age, to encourage them to actively engage in various sports activities through fun games in order to achieve awareness of the importance of active life from an early age, everyone present could hear how we plan to implement the project over the coming months, and how they can participate in it.


On the other hand, representatives of the sports clubs which have attended had the opportunity to learn more about Erasmus+ Sport projects, how to become part of European projects, and how they can contribute to sports in B&H. With the main goal of networking and connecting interested parties, sports managers and coaches have presented their esteemed clubs/organizations/federations, present their boring work, competitions and projects that have been a part of so far, and shared with those present their view of the situation in B&H in the context of the sport from which they originate, and all those present have expressed their desire to actively participate both in the current, future projects as partners.


Almost 50 representatives from 3 cities responded to our call, and we can safely say, observing the enthusiasm and desire for progress of all the representatives who were present at the time, that the best time for sports in Bosnia and Herzegovina is yet to come.

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