Erasmus+ Days 2023 is in full swing and one of the standout events that took place was the “Role of Non-Formal Education and Employability” presentation at International Burch University. This event, held today at 12:00, brought together a diverse group of individuals eager to explore the realms of Erasmus+ and non-formal education as it ascends to employability.

This enlightening session occurred at the beautiful campus of International Burch University. The audience was treated to an array of insightful presentations, each delivered by distinguished individuals passionate about the subject matter. The event kicked off with an introduction by Emina Mekić, setting the stage for what was to follow. Nedima Krndžija then took the audience on a journey into the world of Erasmus+ and its transformative potential. Ezana Ćeman and Sanin Bilić, representing the BRAVO team, provided rich and important insights into their work and its impact on youth employability. Together, they held a presentation about BRAVO, a dynamic organization with a mission to promote the significance of non-formal education in shaping employable skills. The list of presenters extended to include Bakir Alijagić, Selma Turčinović, Vehid Višća, Emina Tahirović, Adnan Mahinić and Mirza Mujdžić Jojić, each contributing their expertise to the enriching discussions.

The event attracted numerous young and eager minds, all enthusiastic about deepening their understanding of Erasmus+, non-formal education and its direct link to employability. With the theme, “Unlocking the Future: Erasmus+ and Employability,” the atmosphere was nothing short of inspiring. The audience was active and engaged, actively participating with follow-up questions and queries, demonstrating their dedication to learning.

For those wondering about the significance of Erasmus Days, it’s an integral part of every young person’s life. This initiative showcases the EU’s flagship program, which supports education, training, youth and sports. Held from October 9th to 14th, this year’s celebration is marked by a new and extended format. It’s a global phenomenon, with events and initiatives taking place worldwide.

With six events in total, each day brings a unique opportunity for engagement:

– 9th of October: #AskUsAnything – Instagram live info sessions

– 10th of October: Role of Non-formal and Employability (TODAY)

– 11th of October: Coffee with BRAVO Gathering

– 12th of October: ESC Cultural Exchange Evening

– 13th of October: Erasmus+ and ESC Info Day (Tuzla)

– 14th of October: Scavenger Hunt

For detailed information about each event, including schedules and participation details, you can visit our social media channels.

Erasmus+ Days have come a long way since their inception in 2017 during the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus+ program. These events serve as a celebration of the program’s remarkable success and highlight the life-changing learning experiences it offers to participants. Moreover, they provide an avenue for potential beneficiaries to explore and join this transformative program. Over the years, Erasmus+ Days have gained momentum, with 2022 seeing a staggering 6,295 events organized in 58 countries. These events serve as a testament to the global impact and significance of the Erasmus+ program.

“Role of Non-formal Education and Employability” presentation at International Burch University was a remarkable addition to Erasmus+ Days 2023. It not only shed light on the crucial role of non-formal education but also fueled the aspirations of young individuals eager to unlock their future through Erasmus+ opportunities. This event, along with the broader Erasmus+ Days celebration, reaffirms the program’s enduring legacy in transforming lives and fostering global connections in the realm of education and youth empowerment.

More about BRAVO check on the video below:
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