On the 3rd of February, an Erasmus+ & ESC Info day was held in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
There were over 50 participants present and among them were NGO representatives, activists, youth and sports workers, as well as other interested individuals with different backgrounds. 


During the session, all of them got a chance to learn more about these programs and ways they can include themselves or their organizations. The director of BRAVO, Ismail Šehić presented the Erasmus+ and ESC program, and all of the guests got the chance to get all of their questions answered.

During the event, project AHEAD was presented to the participants of the Info day. The importance of targeting the topic of discrimination was highlighted, and the positive impact AHEAD is making was explained to over 50 guests.

The event aimed to inform the attendees about the different programs available and encourage them to participate or include their organizations to make a positive impact in their communities.


The director of BRAVO, Ismail Šehić, presented the Erasmus+ and ESC program, providing valuable insights into the benefits of the programs. Additionally, the project AHEAD was introduced, which focuses on human rights, roma people, refugees, and migrants. The project aims to tackle issues of discrimination and promote inclusivity in society. 


The positive impact AHEAD is making in the community was highlighted and discussed with the guests, emphasizing the importance of such initiatives in today’s world.


We are proud to have organized an event that brought together a diverse group of individuals and organizations to learn, discuss, and work towards making positive changes in society. We encourage everyone to participate in such initiatives and be a part of the positive change we wish to see in the world. Follow our social media pages to stay updated on our future events and projects.


Human rights, Roma people, refugees, and migrants are some of the most pressing issues in the world today. Discrimination and inequality continue to affect millions of people worldwide, and it is essential that we take steps to address these issues. Events such as the Erasmus+ & ESC Info day are crucial in raising awareness and promoting inclusivity in society.


The Erasmus+ program is a European Union initiative that aims to promote education, training, youth, and sport in Europe. It provides funding opportunities for individuals and organizations to participate in various programs that promote personal and professional development. The European Solidarity Corps (ESC) is another initiative that provides young people with opportunities to volunteer or work on projects that make a positive impact in society.


The importance of these programs cannot be overstated. They provide individuals and organizations with the resources and tools to make a real difference in their communities. By participating in these programs, we can gain valuable insights into the issues affecting society, and work towards finding solutions that promote inclusivity and equality.


The project AHEAD is a prime example of how these programs can make a positive impact. The project focuses on human rights, Roma people, refugees, and migrants, which are some of the most marginalized and vulnerable communities in society. The project aims to tackle issues of discrimination and promote inclusivity by providing educational opportunities and promoting cultural exchange.


The positive impact of the project is already being felt in the community. By raising awareness and promoting inclusivity, the project is helping to break down barriers and promote understanding between different communities. It is also providing valuable support and resources to those who need it most, making a real difference in their lives.


Events such as the Erasmus+ & ESC Info day are a great way to promote these initiatives and encourage more people to get involved. By bringing together individuals and organizations from different backgrounds, we can create a more inclusive and diverse society. Through education, training, and cultural exchange, we can promote understanding and empathy, and work towards a world that is free from discrimination and inequality.


As a society, we have a responsibility to promote inclusivity and equality. Discrimination and inequality affect us all, and it is only by working together that we can create a better future for everyone. Events such as the Erasmus+ & ESC Info day, and initiatives such as project AHEAD, are essential in promoting this message and encouraging more people to get involved.


In conclusion, the Erasmus+ & ESC Info day held in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina was a great success, and the presentation of project AHEAD was a highlight of the event. The importance of these initiatives cannot be overstated, and it is essential that we continue to promote them and encourage more people to get involved. By working together, we can create a more inclusive, diverse, and equal society, where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential. 

More about AHEAD project:

AHEAD project aims to promote between youngsters non–discrimination and to combat racism, xenophobia and other forms of intolerance against Roma and other Ethnic minorities (mostly migrants). Partners jointly work on innovative good practice approaches, human rights-based narratives, training, official regular meetings, and European awareness raising campaigns. The project promotes inclusion, tolerance, mutual and multicultural understanding, and fight Roma, ethnic minorities, and migrants in Europe through an innovative approach that combines research, training (national and international) on antidiscrimination and on hate speech, round tables, seminars, the exchange of good practices, meetings between different representatives, stakeholders, CSOs, and youth associations, and a massive dissemination campaign.

The project aims to contribute to strengthening the capacity building of young victims (part of minorities) and the protection of youngsters belonging to minorities by supporting them in capacity building and structuring new mechanisms in public consultations in partner’s country (replicable all over Europe) on the issue of nondiscrimination and fighting every form of hate speech against ethnic minorities, Roma and migrants. 


AHEAD’s aim is to tackle hate speech (also online) and to combat discriminations that target minorities in 5 areas of civil rights: education, labor, housing, health, goods and services, through specific training offered to 200 participants and through an new approach that combines quantitative research, public meetings with stakeholders, and awareness raising campaign. After providing expertise, building competences, advocating and raising awareness among youth people, partners will support the mobilization of young victims and will focus on Capacity building actions for youth, in order to involve Youngsters in decision making and into new structured automatic mechanisms to empower their active participation on hate speech and antidiscrimination.

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