As we all know, BRAVO organization is known for its kindness and work atmosphere. Besides all exchanges across the world, we decided to make something in our beautiful Bosnia and Hercegovina. That’s when Erasmus+ Boot Camp came in. It was held from 14th to 17th December 2023 in Kalesija, BiH. Together, with the UG ‘’Može bolje’’, we wanted to expand knowledge about Erasmus+ programs to youth in our country.

An impressive number of young men and women were interested and engaged in our activities during the 4 days.


 Throughout the Erasmus+ Boot Camp, our participants engaged in workshops and team-building activities. They were designed to improve our perspective of the world outside. A major part of the program involved working together, as well as trying to explain Erasmus+ and its impact. One of the most valuable aspects of the Erasmus+ Boot Camp was the interest our youth has shown. This experience was not just about academic learning, it was also about understanding and appreciating. The Erasmus+ Boot Camp gathered 10 different organizations and companies from Kalesija and cities nearby.

We used this as a great opportunity to establish agreements and connections that will enhance future programs, offering more resources and opportunities. The newly formed agreements aim to strengthen the Erasmus+ Boot Camp, ensuring a continuous flow of support and resources that will benefit participants in the years to come. It deepens the sense of community among participants, knowing they are part of a program with enduring connections and opportunities. This collaborative spirit not only enriches the immediate experience but also contributes to a legacy of empowered individuals who, through Erasmus+ Boot Camp, became ambassadors of positive change in their communities and beyond.


In cooperation with UG ‘’Može bolje’’ we organized the first Erasmus+ Boot Camp in BiH and educated young people about opportunities that the Erasmus+ program offers. Isn’t that amazing? They got the knowledge needed to enter the international market and show their creativity and potential by socializing together.


In summary, the Erasmus+ Boot Camp was a success, thanks to the hard work of the organizers and the enthusiasm of the participants. It stands as a memorable event that has positively impacted the lives of those who took part, showcasing the power of the cooperation of two successful organizations!

Fostering Global Awareness and Personal Growth

The Erasmus+ Boot Camp in Kalesija wasn’t just an educational event; it was a transformative experience for the participants. The workshops and activities were carefully designed not only to impart knowledge about the Erasmus+ programs but also to foster a global perspective among the youth. Participants were encouraged to think beyond their local environments and consider their roles in a connected, international community. This global awareness is crucial in today’s interconnected world and prepares them for international cooperation and understanding.


A Platform for Cultural Exchange and Networking

One of the standout features of the Boot Camp was its role as a vibrant platform for cultural exchange. Young people from diverse backgrounds came together, sharing their cultures, ideas, and visions for the future. This melting pot of ideas and perspectives was not just enlightening but also instrumental in breaking down cultural barriers and fostering mutual respect and understanding.


Empowering Youth through Knowledge and Skills

The Boot Camp served as a crucial stepping stone for young individuals to understand the workings of the international market. Through a series of interactive sessions, they gained invaluable insights into how they can leverage their creativity and potential in the global arena. This knowledge is a powerful tool that empowers them to explore opportunities beyond their national borders.


Creating a Legacy of Positive Change

The participation of 10 different organizations and companies from Kalesija and nearby cities was a testament to the community’s support for the Boot Camp. These collaborations not only provided immediate benefits in terms of resources and opportunities but also laid the groundwork for a sustainable legacy. The participants, now equipped with new skills and a broader outlook, are poised to become agents of change in their communities. They carry with them the spirit of the Boot Camp – one of collaboration, learning, and growth.


Reflecting on the Success and Looking Forward

The Erasmus+ Boot Camp in Kalesija, a pioneering initiative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, marked the beginning of a new era in youth empowerment and international cooperation. The success of this event, as evident in the enthusiasm of the participants and the support from the community, paves the way for future endeavors. It has set a benchmark for similar programs, not just in Bosnia and Herzegovina but also in other regions, showcasing the potential of collaborative efforts in shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

More about BRAVO you can see on our video below: 

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