WYA Europe recently hosted an insightful event featuring two panels that delved into crucial topics surrounding humanitarian aid and international coercive policies. The ”Emerging Leaders conference” was held on the 4th of November via the Zoom platform. It represented one great opportunity for young people to upgrade their leadership skills, network with professionals, and engage with like-minded individuals from all parts of Europe. With esteemed moderators and speakers, the discussions provided a comprehensive overview of the current landscape and challenges faced in these areas.


The first panel, focused on the European Consensus on Humanitarian Aid, was moderated by Ramón Barba Castro. The distinguished speakers included Matea Prlić, representing the European Commission in Zagreb and serving as the Director of Development, Cooperation, and Humanitarian Aid in the Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Relations. Joining her was Boban Markić, the Office Director of Hanns Seidel Stiftung Zagreb. Together, they provided valuable insights into the challenges and strategies involved in humanitarian efforts within the European context.

The second panel was about the pressing issue of International Coercive Policies, with Ramón Barba Castro again as the moderator. The lone speaker for this session was Stephan Bartulica, offering a unique perspective on the complexities surrounding coercive policies on an international scale.


Concluding the event was a special lecture on WYA Advocacy in the EU delivered by Ramón Barba Castro, WYA Europe’s Director of Advocacy. His presentation shed light on the advocacy efforts of WYA within the European Union, emphasizing the organization’s commitment to promoting human dignity and defending the principles of solidarity and subsidiarity.


WYA Europe’s recent conference provided a platform for meaningful discussions on humanitarian aid and international coercive policies, featuring prominent figures in the field. The event underscored the importance of collaborative efforts and informed advocacy in addressing these critical issues on regional and global scales.

The ‘’Emerging Leaders Conference’’ presented a great opportunity for young people to be part of a big, virtual community that gathered aspiring leaders from a wide range of backgrounds, and fields. The conference perfectly achieved the goal of fostering leadership development and inspiring attendees to become advocates of positive change.

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