A journey across borders,

A tale of diversity to be told,

A quest for knowledge and new cultural exposures,

An exchange of hearts, and values that are bold


Diversity, “the art of thinking independently together”, is the foundation of a rich, and inclusive society. It connects us, unites us, and makes us stronger. It’s the celebration of differences that make us unique, and the recognition of the value that each individual brings to the table. One of the projects that is also concerned and that talks about broadening horizons and building a network of like-minded individuals who share a commitment to promoting diversity and inclusiveness is the project called EMBRACE – Embracing Diversity through Cultural Exchange, that was held in Aparan, Armenia.


It is a common phenomenon that we are not aware of all the diverse cultures present in Europe and their unique customs. This lack of knowledge can be attributed to the limited opportunities available for these cultures to express themselves and showcase their heritage. In mainstream societies, these distinct cultures often face rejection and discrimination due to their unconventional practices and beliefs. It is crucial, as European youth, that we avoid such habits and instead embrace and incorporate differences in our everyday lives. By doing so, we not only promote inclusivity and diversity but also expand our understanding and appreciation of different cultures. 


This creates a sense of community, understanding, and respect that is essential for building strong and resilient relationships, both on a personal and a global level. It helps us see the world through a new lens, and encourages us to embrace new ways of thinking.


This project, implemented by the Armenian Progressive Youth in collaboration with Lou Bequet and funded by the European Union, presents a huge opportunity for open-minded youngsters to make connections with people from different backgrounds and to use the lessons learned to make something awesome when they return to their homelands and communities. 



Inspired individuals from 6 different countries learnt how to live in intercultural environments, how to improve their communication skills and tolerance. The time spent in the Aparan will serve as the incubator of their ideas.



We cannot wait to see what the outcomes of this project will be and how much it will change the perspective of every single one of the participants. As the old saying says :” The things you keep to yourself will only gather dust, but the things you give away will bring joy to others and fulfillment to you.”


More about BRAVO you can see on our video below: 


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