On this training course in Novi Sad, Fruška Gora I had the opportunity to connect with my peers who I share mutual interest in tech with. I believe I got to learn something new not just from the training course but from discussing tech with them as well.  I feel as if there wasn’t a single dull day, we would do something fun each day whether that was hiking on Fruška Gora or reassembling a laptop. My favorite part of this training was learning about PC parts, it felt as if I was a kid again, assembling PC parts like they were lego blocks, thanks to the teachers who I believe really presented us the basics of hardware/software manipulation through their own creative ways. 

This being my first erasmus + experience, I didn’t expect to connect with people so easily but I was surprised to find out that each participant had their own unique set of skills and interests that I wanted to know more about. Throughout this short but memorable journey I got to truly get out of my comfort zone, improve my communication skills and broaden my personal experience.

Sara Bukvić



This was my first training course that was organized by Erasmus+ and I am really happy I was part of it. During these 10 days I learned new things, met new cool people from 6 different countries, explored the city of Novi Sad, enjoyed the beautiful nature of national park Fruska Gora as well as other unforgettable experiences which cannot be explained by words.

Considering the fact that I was familiar with the topic of this training course, it was very easy to blend in and follow the agenda of the training course. Mentors who were teaching us and advising us in regards to the training course were very talented and available anytime to answer any question I had. As I said before, many things were familiar to me, however, thanks to the very good agenda there were topics I wasn’t familiar with. One of them is the cybersecurity of our digital identity as well as our PCs. I learned many tips & tricks which will help me to secure myself while being on this big network which is called the Internet.

Semir Omerdić

We spent 11 days in Fruška Gora participating in TC “Basic hardware/software manipulation”. There were people from 6 different countries (Montenegro, Serbia, Latvia, Italy, Albania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina). Trainers did a great job presenting all the most important things this topic brings. Although I had some previous knowledge, I’ve improved it to the next level. They taught us how to build a PC from scratch, how to choose PC parts by needs, we discussed the market, we had hands-on PC building and learned about all connectors and tools we need to assemble and disassemble PC. Through workshops, we changed thermal paste on CPUs and GPUs, we cleaned PCs from top to bottom, and we learned how to connect all crucial parts to make a working PC. We’ve used some professional microphones and cameras and learned how to prepare them for streaming or professional use. When it comes to the software part, we learned how to install/reinstall Windows 10/11 and boost performances using Windows settings. We cleaned the cache using different types of commands and optimized loading time in Windows. We set up the ultimate Windows performance mode for optimal usage of the software, making restoring points and backups. We discussed useful tools for Windows and programs for cleaning and maintaining PCs, valuable programs for photo/video/text editing, networks, and VPNs. Although we spent most of the time learning and in workshops, we also had enough time to get to know each other through all kinds of team building activities (hiking, playing volleyball, table tennis, and billiards, visiting Novi Sad, visiting Beli kamen lake, etc.). It was a great experience meeting new people from different cultures, exchanging experiences, helping each other in learning and I’m glad I was part of it.

Dino Makaš

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