The BRAVO team is always happy and inspired to write stories about successful people and NGOs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are proud to write about non-governmental organizations that are making changes in our society. Sometimes we hear about wonderful stories, we rejoice and they remain in our memory, but is that enough. The BRAVO team decided to sit down and introduce you to a non-governmental organization that works miracles, and that is the association for creative learning “Mak”. Below we bring you the story of this wonderful association and people.

How do you improve and motivate youngsters and adults to continuously grow and simultaneously do that in a rather creative way? Well, the association for creative learning “Mak” has an answer to that question. The reason why they were founded was to improve, encourage and motivate the learning process of children, their parents and of all those who want to see themselves grow and improve. The trick was to do all that by using some creative ways.

Enisa Aganović, the president of the association told us that they are aiming towards creative learning that is to be lifelong. They also working on different topics and projects such as: “Fine motor skills to fine sensors“, and the regular project “Mama Cup Of Tea”. “Mama Cup Of Tea” is a project where mothers come for tea and their children are doing some creative activities in the meantime.

The association also is organising various workshops and counselling sessions alongside prof. Maksida Agić-Skrobo, who offers interactive workshops for children. During these interactive workshops, children have the opportunity to learn with professionals and exceptional workshop leaders, in an extremely interesting way. Anyone can participate, whether they are young adults, children with disabilities, or adults.

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