#BRAVOONTHEROAD: Youth Exchange in Messina, Italy


I have to say when I first saw the open call for this project, I thought to myself, this isn't an opportunity knocking on my door; it's breaking it down. So I signed up and I can say I dont regret it for one second. I learned a lot on the project about the EU, the countries that make up the EU and their cultures. I met a lot of lovely people that I can now call my good friends and can be sure that if I visit their country I will always have a warm welcome and that also counts if they visit me. To finish I can say that this project was something I'll never forget, especially because of the people I met there, and I am glad I was selected to participate in it.

To best describe my first Erasmus+ experience, I have to say that a few times during this project I just sat back and thought to myself how happy I am in that moment. Having participated in this youth exchange has fullfilled me and shifted my perspective on so many things. Surprisingly, it was so difficult to say goodbye to people I have known for a couple of days. I am beyond grateful to have been a part of this amazing team, to have met such phenomenal people, to have experienced cultures from all around Europe (thanks to mindblowing intercultural nights), and to have seen the beautiful Sicily. I would be thrilled to have the opportunity and time to participate in other BRAVO projects abroad. Thank you!

First of all, I am very grateful that BRAVO BiH gave me the opportunity to participate in this Youth Exchange project which was held in beautiful Messina, Italy. These seven days of project passed by quickly but still managed to greately inform me about the European Union. Our journey was very adventurous. We have met so many amazing people from Croatia, Italy, Czech, Albania and Spain. Even though I thought we would all be so different from each other, after spending all this time together I actually found out how alike we all are. No matter where you come from, you can always find something to talk and joke about. The whole project exceeded my expectations. We had the perfect balance of learning and having fun. The most wonderful thing about this project is actually the beautiful little place by the sea, called Messina, where we spent our time on widening our perspectives about the EU and connecting with other people from around the world. I would also like to thank our amazing facillitator Tony who managed to incorporate learning and traveling to other beautiful nearby Italian cities. Again, thank you BRAVO for enriching my life with this beautiful experience.

For me the best feeling in the world is that you get to learn something new by having so much fun and these exchanges are extraordinary experience that everybody should go on because they are a once in a life time adventures. I will forever be grateful to BRAVO BIH for giving me this opportunity and for giving me a chance to spend days in Messina, Italy. This spring could not have started better, with the sun, sea and all the amazing people I was surrounded by. My Bosnian team- they made this experience unforgettable for me, i enjoyed every moment of it. Their smart minds, their humor, their kindness, all of that made this trip something special. What is also great is that we got to meet new people, which I always love and to meet their cultures and countries and of course to represent ours. The topic, EU Generations, was very familiar to me as a law student and Im so happy that I got a chance to learn more. Everything about this exchange was remarkable and I will forever remember it.

This was my very first youth exchange and I have to say it was an amazing experience. I loved the people I met during the project and we all had so much fun working together. Our activities and lectures were creative and memorable, as we got familiar with the true meaning of the European Union. It broadened our ways of thinking and shifted our perspective on the topic - but not just that, it helped us get to know each other's cultures better. I can't put into words how grateful I am to BRAVO for giving me an opportunity to participate in something so exciting and pairing me up with four of the best teammates one could imagine. Once again, huge thanks to BRAVO and I hope to see you soon on new projects.

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