#BRAVOONTHEROAD: Training Course in Wisla, Poland

This training course was in Wisla, a small city in Poland, about economic degrowth so we gained knowledge on the topic but also learnt much more through non-formal education. The workshops helped us develop our teamwork and leaderships skills and also our abillity to communicate in English. We met people from 7 different European countries and listened about their countries, traditions and culture, as well as presented our country to them. We explored and experienced the Polish culture through talks with locals, traditional dishes and wandering in different cities like Wisla, Krakow and Warsaw. This international environment helped us embrace diversity and make friends from all over the world.

This was my second Erasmus+ project and it was even better than the first one. People were amazing, workshops were well organised and the hosts were so welcoming and caring. I've learned a lot and I met so many different people with whom I shared oppinions and stories. Overall it was a great experience and I hope to do a lot of these projects in the future.

The Economic (de)growth training project held in the small town of Wisla, Poland was a great opportunity to expand my views on global challenges such as global warming, wars, poverty, inequality, and pandemics. The project allowed me to listen and exchange different perspectives and ideas regarding different issues. Also, meeting new people from eight different countries has enriched my experience by learning about new cultures. We had an opportunity to travel, eat, and have fun together such as playing games and dancing. Although the training took place in a peaceful small place, people and activities have made the program quite hectic with a lot of fun and laughs. This opportunity was a great experience and because of this Poland will stay a special place in my life.

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