#BRAVOONTHEROAD: Training Course in Rustavi, Georgia

I had the pleasure to represent my country Bosnia and my sending organization Bravo – Bosnian Representative Association for Valuable Opportunites, to participate in the project “Leadership“ that took place in Rustavi in Georgia. To describe it in a few words, to me this experience meant socializing, friendship and learning. The team-building activities played throughout the project were very beneficial, but they were at the end of the day just an excuse to communicate and try to form some friendships. To become more aware of other cultures and even more, to become aware of our own culture compared to the other ones. In the end, I brought to my home a lot of nice memories, richer with new knowledge and new friendships that will last forever.

I can't describe in words how incredible the first part of the project in Rustavi, Georgia was. Everything and everyone was phenomenal. I had the chance to meet a lot of new people and make the best memories of my life. During the intercultural night, I had the chance to learn about new cultures and present my culture in the best possible way. I had fun, made new friendships, and discovered new cultures while also increasing my knowledge and leadership skills. I really love all the people I met on this project and I hope to stay in touch with everyone in the future. Bravo BIH, thanks for everything.

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