#BRAVOONTHEROAD: Training Course in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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„“Think Twice” Training Course, that took place in Bulgaria, was my first training course and my first time visiting Bulgaria. During this training course I expanded my basic knowledge about cyber security and media literacy. I became a little bit more resistant to media misinformations and I improved my ability to think critically. Best part of every Erasusm+ project is meeting people all around the world, learning about their culture, their everyday lifestyle and also trying their traditional cuisine during intercultural nights. Every project has different and effective ways to improve our skills, knowledge and social awareness. My main focus is to pass knowledge I learned during this training course to my friends, family and colleagues. Overall, it was an amazing seven days of learning, improving soft skills, meeting new people, eating delicious food, making connections, having fun and enjoying beautiful Bulgarian mountains. I’m very grateful to Bravo for giving me opportunity to represent our country together with my teammate Mia. It was a big honour. „

„Why is media literacy so important for youth workers? How do you recognize and protect yourself from misinformation that is served to us in our everyday media? These are just some of the questions that me and the other participants got to get educated on during the Erasmus+ training course "Think Twice". We had the chance to first hand hear stories about freedom of media in the countries from out Balkan region which was the most interesting part of our stay in the mountains of Bulgaria. Gaining a variety of skills that I am gladly going to pass to the youth that I work with and even my friends and family is something that I am gratefully taking with me from this project. It was of course not just learning and sitting in front of an projector, meeting new people and getting the chance to meet new cultures was a big part of this project. Having in mind that the participating countries were all from the Balkan it was certainly very fun to compare the similarities that we share. My awesome teammate Lamija and I had the opportunity to represent our culture and national dishes in one of the intercultural nights that we had. I am very thankful to BRAVO for giving me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and to represent our country on this project.“

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