#BRAVOONTHEROAD: Training Course in Lidman, Czech Republic

Sustainable Impact was a very life changing experience for me. Aside from learning new skills, I managed to meet lots of awesome people and exchange knowledge about various topics as well as learn of many cultural differences. I've throughly enjoyed my time in the nature working on various workshops with my colleagues and it all felt as if I was in a new, different and better world. This project equipped me with necessary knowledge and skills to work on sustainability in my own local and regional environment which I intend to fully commit to and as a result help in creating a sustainable future for Bosnia & Herzegovina.

I am glad to have the opportunity to share with others my first experience in a project like this. From the beginning, I was very interested in the topic of the project because I want to know more about it and it is crucial for our lives because it can bring huge positive changes. In addition to the interestingness of the topic itself, it was also interesting to meet other people from other countries with other cultures. During the project, a very important connection was created between us and positive energy circulated throughout the space. With a positive spirit, smile and desire, we actively participated in the workshops and some of us had the honor to share their own knowledge on the topic and to lead their own workshops. We have learned many important things that we can change in our own lives as we tame part by part the path for better health of our planet Earth. Creating a better tomorrow is woven through many segments of recycling, the use of second-hand clothing and thinking and using new sustainable materials. The practical workshops were very helpful where we got a better understanding in practice of how things work. Each completed workshop required presentations which is also essential in breaking the fear of public speaking. We supported each other in all this. We made mistakes, so we laughed, we came to great conclusions and he praises them with applause. I can honestly say that the project has had a great impact on all of us and I hope that we will be happy to share all the knowledge we receive with others.

It is always a good idea to spend some time in nature, but the one that Czech Republic has impressed me more than I expected – plains that go on indefinitely and merge with the sky and forests full of birdsong and numerous deer. As we slept on the edge of the woods in small huts the experience was even more special. Every morning I started with a few more friends doing yoga, fitness or jogging, to keep us awake for all day activities. We mostly did workshops in teams, often mixing members, to get to know each other better and get closer. Of course every activity filled me because environmental protection is something I am very interested in and to which I have dedicated my studies, but here I heard about some things for the first time that made me especially happy. Vobrousek is a private business that produces beeswax matts, which are believed to be the perfect replacement for plastic packaging. The creator, Natalie, selflessly shared with us all the little information about the production and prepared the material for the workshop where we made many matts for ourselves. Also, from a non-profit organization Swap Prague, we learned a lot about the events they regularly organize for the exchange of clothes and other items, with the aim of socializing and meeting zero waste principles. Besides, we learned how to make eco friendly laundry detergent and how to be creative with waste where we managed to make many useful products from it. An important determinant of sustainable impact are social characteristics as well, so I am grateful to some participants for holding presentations such as self development and financial literacy and moderator Jeff whose Improv games accompanied us throughout the project. We even had the opportunity to work with children who stayed in the same place as us, and teach them in a fun way about caring for our nature. With all that, we felt right at home in the accommodation and we enjoyed very tasty food and snacks every day. Although at times it seemed exhausting, this whole experience recharged my batteries and I am happy to have met all these wonderful people and a lot about the cultures of the Czech Republic, Serbia, Armenia, Portugal and others...

Being a part of „Sustainable imPACT“ project was a life changing experience for me. Beside having an opportunity to expand my knowledge about the environmental issues and the impact of human behavior on nature, participation in this project provided me a chance to spend 10 days with people from other countries and learn more about their culture and way of living. I came home with a lot of beautiful memories, new friendships, as well as knowledge and skills which I can use to make my local community more sustainable, contribute to a healthier environment which will result with overal better quality of life.

From 16th till 26th of May I had a privilege to be a part of the group of young people from who gathered in Lidman, Czech Republic to participate in Training Course #SustainableImPACT2022 funded by Erasmus+ programme and organised by Youth Progress Czech Republic .The topics of the course were sustainable development 🍀, protection of the environment🌳, waste recycling ♻️, energy efficiency 💡and we were also presented with business ideas from local entrepreneurs who are earning their living in sustainable fashion.The course was very well organized, intense and had a lot to offer; we were able to learn positive initiatives from different countries and through a range of workshops we could give our contribution to #SustainableImPACT. Important thing to mention is that we had improv sessions from our instructor Jeff from which we all learned a lot, had great fun and were able to get out of our comfort zone. Huge thanks to our sending organisation #BRAVO, Czech organisation #YouthProgressCZ and #Erasmus for making this possible. To my fellow participants and lovely instructors hope we'll meet again, stay #green and keep on keeping on. Make the rest of your life, the best of your life!!!

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