#BRAVOONTHEROAD: European Digital Youth Conference in Bucharest

"Opportunities, voices, stories, people, changes. Few words that describe my experience at this year's European Youth Digital Summit. I am grateful for the opportunity to tell my thoughts, through project #eurochangemakers, about the current situation in Europe and raise awareness about certain topics. EDYS was held in lovely Bucharest, and that also gives another dimension to the whole story. At the top of it, newly created friendships and memories will stay for a long time as a little reminder of a #EDYS22."

"In the last year I have had the pleasure to participate in multiple activities like #EDYS22, but this time I have decided to put special emphasis on the cultural experience. And I have not regretted it. Wondering around the streets of Bucharest, and exploring the history was a particularly special element of this trip. When you combine city exploration and an event designed for personal growth like this Summit was - one can only be sad that this trip did not last longer."

"As a travel junkie, I am always excited to go on new journeys. One of the biggest pros of traveling, especially with BRAVO, is getting to meet amazing people from all over the world. I was lucky to have the opportunity to travel and work with such amazing companions. It was my pleasure listening to experts talking about the future of Europe. My mind has been absolutely blown by knowing my voice, through my hackathon solutions, was going to be heard by actual stakeholders and is hopefully going to echo into reality. If you are having second thoughts about whether to apply for an open call today, I hope reading this will persuade you."

"This was my first international project I participated in and I have to say that it overcame my expectations. I feel like I became older in these four days, experiencing so many amazing adventures. The whole event was full of interesting lectures and speakers. I have met plenty of people from all over Europe and I hope to meet them again. We have not only experienced Bucharest but also all of Europe by meeting people from different backgrounds, learning about their traditions and cultures, sharing happiness, and realizing the true values of the European Union."

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