BRAVO brings you exciting news! After successfully implementing not 1 but 2 modules of the Winter Academy, next on the list is the third module! The third module will cover the importance of intercultural communication for young people. As always, the module will be held online, so there’s no excuse not to tune in!


ABOUT THE MODULE: Intercultural talks – online cultural events for youth 


The module will consist of interactive sessions that will enable the exploration of diverse perspectives and experiences. By completing this module, participants will broaden their horizons and learn about the ways to navigate cultural changes in Europe from social and real-life perspectives. The session will be led by a Lebanese French facilitator, living in Finland and he will talk about his exchange of cultural experiences and the challenges faced.

The session will foster discussion and also enable participants to share their own stories.


Interculturality is important due to its role in fostering understanding and cooperation. It serves as a bridge between people of different backgrounds, fostering meaningful interactions and relationships. In the context of international organizations, interculturality becomes crucial as the organizations engage with individuals and communities from different cultural backgrounds. Effective intercultural communication and developing intercultural competencies are essential components in navigating the complexities of cross-cultural working environments and facilitating multilingual communication. In today’s diverse world, these skills have become crucial for promoting harmony, collaboration, and mutual respect.


The third module will be held on the 9th of March via the Zoom platform.


The main focus of the Winter Academy is to educate young people. The main goal is to identify the best candidates with the highest ambitions in order to provide support in reaching their maximum potential, not only through completing all the Academy’s programs but also through establishing connections with other young people.


The Winter Academy incorporates learning and mentorship, enabling participants to put their knowledge into practice. Besides academic and professional growth, the Winter Academy puts a special focus on the personal development of young people, equipping them with the necessary tools to overcome challenges, discover themselves but also develop skills to thrive as young leaders of the society.


It is necessary to complete the registration form in order to receive the access link for the session. It is mandatory to attend all four modules to receive a certificate of participation in BRAVO Winter Academy.


  1. Register until 23:59 on deadline day.
  2. Deadline for registering: 08.03.2024.
  3. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at:

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