BRAVO recently presented Handbook for youth workers under the project BOOST. During this event, attendees had an opportunity to meet the project, its activities, and its results. So far, BRAVO alongside partners Vere Montis from Croatia, L’ORMA from Italy, and BSDA from Bulgaria created educational tools whose goal is to develop transversal skills in young people. In this article, we will present you with the BOOST e-platform. 


Firstly, we will refresh our memories and recall what is BOOST. “BOOST-Boosting Outstanding Omnicompetent Successful Talents” is a 24 months strategic partnership, co-funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union, aiming to create new education and personal development for young people in Europe through delivering interactive educational formats and methods based on transversal skills development.


When it comes to the e-platform its focus is on creative videos and information about transversal skills, how we can develop them and why they are so important for the quality personal and professional development of young people – focused on young people that will take part in the e-learning. The need for this output came from observing the environment.  In an environment where new skills emerge as fast as others become extinct, employability is less about what you already know and more about your capacity to learn. By focusing on learnability – the desire and ability to adapt your skills to remain employable – millennials are redefining career security. Employers are revamping their recruitment strategies. With the rise of the gig economy, portfolio career, and hybrid job, what businesses want is workers who combine acumen with creativity, collaboration with good communication skills; people who can innovate and solve complex problems. Yet nearly 60% of businesses around the world say they are unable to find candidates who possess those skills. Based on the clearly defined business world needs, BOOST’s proposal will contribute to the supply of the needed skills development and will contribute actively to youth employability.

What can you find on the platform?

  • Short, interactive videos; –
  • Youth-friendly infographics;
  • Additional information on each transversal skill (including tips and tricks for further development opportunities).

Once again transversal skills, which development is highly appreciated in all social and economy sectors are: Critical thinking, Innovative thinking, Presentation skills, Communication skills, Organizational skills, Teamwork abilities, Self-discipline, Enthusiasm, Perseverance, Self-motivation, Tolerance, Openness, Respect for diversity, Intercultural understanding, Media literacy, Information literacy, Ability to locate and access information, Ability to analyse and evaluate media content, Physical health, Religious values.

More information you can find on , stay tuned for the next chapter “BOOST MOOC”.

More about BOOST project and platform you can see on video below:

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