What better way to ‘’Get Digital and Get Skilled’’ than through an eight-day Erasmus+ project that combines education, intercultural experiences, and technological innovation? The participants from all parts of Europe are gathered in Istanbul with one specific aim – to deepen their digital skills and establish meaningful connections with each other. The ‘’Get Digital, Get Skilled’’ is a well-structured Youth Exchange that aims to empower young people to navigate the digital landscape with confidence and contribute to the implementation of future projects that promote positive change.


The first day of the program was all about getting to know each other. During the first day, the participants had the chance to introduce themselves, interact with each other, and discuss non-formal education. This helped them to understand the project’s goals better. From the first day itself, they were pushed out of their comfort zones which was very beneficial for them. On the second day, they worked in teams and explored obstacles to digital literacy and ways to overcome them through theater sketches.

Exploring the topic in such a way, pushed participants to think outside of the box and become more comfortable when using theater tools as a way of expression. The third day surely was a charm as participants upgraded their web design and moderation skills. Emphasis was placed on creating inclusive spaces where diverse perspectives could coexist. On day four, participants received helpful sessions on job searching tools and CV development, providing a boost to their professional careers. The next day they had field visits related to digitalization and environmental practices.  Participants witnessed firsthand how digitalization could be used to optimize energy consumption, reduce waste, and implement eco-friendly initiatives.


Besides its educational aspect, participants emphasized the importance of intercultural learning. Meeting people with different backgrounds and cultures provided them with a unique and enriching experience. But hey, that’s the true beauty of the Erasmus+ project – isn’t it?

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Participants have described this journey as transformative. They are encouraged and pushed to network and exchange their perspectives and ideas, promoting cross-cultural understanding. This project serves as a great reminder that connecting digital skills and intercultural competencies can lead to the creation of a perfect combination for driving positive change globally.


So while our amazing participants are getting digitally skilled, stay tuned for more passport stories that are about to come as our team is always in the work and travel mode!

More about BRAVO you can see on our video below: 

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