The Youth Exchange “Focus on Sport for Environmental Sustainability” was held from the 1st to the 8th of May and it gathered 36 young participants from BiH, Lithuania, Romania, Ukraine, and Türkiye. The project was designed to educate and empower young people by highlighting the crucial role sports can play in promoting environmental sustainability. By taking part in this project, participants broaden their understanding of critical environmental issues, specifically the EU Green Deal. They learned more about environmental challenges and the ways to overcome them.


By the end of the last day, participants were equipped with practical skills and tools, becoming ready to start implementing good practices in their local community. Young individuals were enabled to develop and effectively implement campaigns and initiatives that advocate for environmental sustainability in the context of sports. The best part was that they were encouraged to unleash their creativity to drive change through innovative and impactful sustainability initiatives.

The participants and organizers fostered a safe and positive environment, making sure that everyone felt comfortable sharing their experiences. Through interactive discussions and sessions, participants got a chance to learn more about the Green Deal in other European countries, and to see how people in different parts of Europe are fighting Climate change, the biggest enemy of our Planet.


Furthermore, one big network of young people from different countries was formed and thus, it will continue to be fostered in order to create positive changes. One of the most memorable moments for participants was rafting where they nurtured team spirit and put the acquired knowledge into practice, enjoying the wonderful sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


That being said, the Youth Exchange was successfully completed. The participants became a part of a bigger story that is all about creating a better, more sustainable society. They learned, created bonds, and thus, enjoyed the landmarks of Bosnia and Herzegovina. By working and learning together, participants were creating a more sustainable environment. Isn’t that beautiful?

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