In a world where conflicts occur daily, it was never more urgent to educate young people about the importance of peaceful conflict resolution. Every day we witness numerous cases of discrimination and hate speech which lead to much bigger problems. That’s exactly where the Training Course ‘’Youth Against Conflict’’ comes as it plays an important role in educating young people on pressing societal issues.


The Training Course ‘’Youth Against Conflict’’ is a project designed specifically to address the pressing need for conflict prevention and meditation among young people from diverse cultural backgrounds. The project activities aim to enhance participant’s understanding of the importance of cultural diversity and the potential benefits it brings to individuals and communities. The participants are learning about practical resolution techniques that would help them to address disputes and misunderstandings, fully transforming them into opportunities for growth and mutual understanding.

It is quite a challenging journey but participants are working together and collaborating to create solutions that will foster a more peaceful and more acceptable society.  Most importantly, they are being encouraged to work together and promote unity through open discussions and educational sessions that enable them to gain deeper insights into the potential signs of radicalization.

This project provides a valuable opportunity for young participants to develop a deeper appreciation for the richness of cultural diversity. Despite coming from different backgrounds, they have found a common bond and are eager to use it as the foundation for creating positive changes in their communities. However, to make these changes happen, they need to acquire certain skills and tools that they are gaining by participating in this project. Therefore, they are developing a high level of cultural competencies that benefit them gradually.


The participants in this project are gaining new experiences and being empowered to become advocates for peace and understanding in their communities. Their dedication and motivation will not stop with the end of this project, as they are ready to implement initiatives when they return to their countries.

The youth against conflict is what this world urgently needs. The peace in the world can’t be just a myth or a wish – it must become our reality. It is a collective journey and we must nurture empathy and mutual respect as those are the fundamentals of a thriving society.

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