With each new journey and passport stamp, our participants come back with fresh memories and friendships. This time, we’ve received a postcard from Podgorica, from the project ‘Visual Thinking 4 Youth’, filled with laughter and positive energy. So please, allow us to share a glimpse of their enriching experience with you.


Our participants spent 5 days in Podgorica, surrounded by passionate young individuals dedicated to assisting and understanding people with dyslexia. Together, they worked on developing visualization learning techniques, expanding their knowledge and perspectives on dyslexia and visual learning. Each day, participants were able to further enhance their knowledge and abilities to create a safer environment for everyone.

By promoting inclusion and developing diverse learning approaches, participants worked as a team, forming strong bonds and creating unforgettable memories. Exploring the beauty of Montenegro, they shared the richness of their own culture while learning about others. Through bonding, music, and fun, they not only developed their personal competencies but also raised awareness within their community about the importance of inclusion.


Through the goal of fostering social inclusion for dyslexic youth aged 13 to 19 through visual thinking, participants embraced the understanding that we’re all here to support one another, recognizing that everyone learns uniquely, and emphasizing the importance of mutual support and inclusivity. 


After reading this we believe that you gained your daily dose of motivation to apply to our project and empower change in the world around you. This project plays a huge role in fostering an inclusive society and this Training Course served as a perfect opportunity for participants to extend their knowledge and learn more about good practices which they will transcend to their communities.

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