A dart was thrown at the BRAVO map, and it landed on Armenia! Our participants made their way straight to Abovyan, an ancient gem that hides in plain sight. They are currently working their way through the entire experience that we are about to share with you.


The project helps participants discover hidden or undervalued landmarks from the participating countries by highlighting benefits for their promotion. Participants are gaining skills and information from the workshops that they can use to make a big impact in the tourism sector, but they are also learning fundamental soft skills like cooperation, leadership, and communication which are overall, contributing to their personal development.


They are learning about multiple aspects of responsible tourism management, ensuring that their contributions to the industry are both ethical and environmentally sustainable.

However, during this lovely journey, they also have to deal with the dark side of tourism and its potentially destructive influence on communities and the environment. With each step forward, individuals are encouraged to think creatively and innovatively about tourism development, encouraging them to investigate new ideas, technology, and ways to improve tourist experiences and destination competitiveness.


On top of that, they are challenged to think outside the box and develop cultural awareness among themselves by exploring sites of heritage. Aside from the educational aspect, participants met people from other cultures and backgrounds. Together, they are investigating the mysteries of the city, which has a rich history dating back to the early eighth century BC.


Every new memory they are creating earns a particular place in their hearts. The participants described the experience as one they’ll never forget since it gave them the chance to discover the hidden jewels within themselves and achieve their full potential. Come along as we wonder about the next magical location revealed on the BRAVO map!

Still, none of this would be possible without the Erasmus+ program. The project “Hidden Jewels” is co- funded by the European Union.

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