It is only January but we have already added many stamps to our passports! That being said, we are sending you greetings from snowy Romania!


It’s been a long journey from BiH to Romania but it was totally worth it! The project ‘’From Rural to Plural’’ presents one unique opportunity that shouldn’t be missed at any cost! So where do we exactly begin?


This Erasmus+ project is all about empowering rural communities and transforming them into comprehensive, inclusive, resilient, and self-sustaining youth ecosystems. Young people are being empowered to unleash their imagination and use it for the best purpose to envision and create a better future! You are probably wondering, what do we mean by ‘’better future’’? The better future aka the future where rural communities across Europe will be transformed into vibrant, resilient hubs of youth-led innovation, diversity, and sustainable development. The project perfectly connects 35 young people coming from 13 different countries! Despite their different backgrounds, they are connected by the same desire – to make the world a better place!

Through everyday workshops, participants are creating strong bonds and a strong foundation for youth networks across Europe. The activities itself are focused on enhancing the skills and knowledge of the participants in areas relevant to rural youth organizing, such as the strategic development of youth groups, youth policy formation, and community engagement strategies. Young participants are encouraged to think outside of the box and implement innovative strategies that align with the goals of the European Youth Village program.


Although the project is coming to an end, the memories will stay with us forever. The knowledge we have gained will be put to good use to implement the strategies we have created and contribute to building a better future. The first chapter of the project, “From Rural to Plural,” may be closed, but we still have one more group that will embark on this amazing journey. While we wait for the next chapter, we will be re-reading the first one all over again!

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