BRAVO is a group of young people who want to write beautiful stories that will make a difference and, as we like to say, “Make the World Wonder.” Following participation in the “Being a Youth Worker” training course in Poland, the Bosnian team was tasked with organizing one local workshop and sharing their experience with other young people.

On October 20, the workshop was held in Sarajevo. As a result, it drew young people from various backgrounds. The workshop provides an excellent opportunity to communicate and share information with young students from the Faculty of Law, the Academy of Fine Arts, and the Faculty of Science. The intention was to bring people of various backgrounds together, as in Poland. The emphasis was on explaining how to write a simple application and the ways to develop an open-minded attitude toward others. The group discussed their entire trip to Poland, which included both joyful and emotional moments.

The communication with participants was aimed toward how they genuinely need to relax even more, and they will register for activities of this sort more and more frequently because, despite the fact that Bosnia and Herzegovina is a very tiny country, there are many young people who we would like to be proud to present us in the correct way. As a transitional country, we certainly have many themes on which we should work with our young people, and we believe that projects like this one are the foundation for a better start, which we attempted to convey in detail to those who listened to us throughout the workshop. We are aware that there are challenging times and times when young people work more slowly, progress, etc., but we, as youth workers, need to advance as much as we can, so we have made an effort to inspire our young people to advance alongside us and to take part in a variety of projects.

As a result, this workshop was a success, and we are grateful to have worked with young people who are eager for change and want to be the change by working to create a European path in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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