On the 29th of July, a BDC workshop was held in Bihac as a result of collaboration with local NGO volunteers and the youth population. A total of 25 participants attended the workshop.


The workshop’s objective was to increase participants’ understanding of responsible digital behaviour and arm them with practical knowledge. The program was also oriented towards the connection between digital technology and mental health and self–awareness.  The program gave participants a secure setting in which to freely express their ideas and experiences, exchange opinions, and challenge existing and form new opinions.


Participants discussed which digital device or social network represents them during the first session and why. This way, the facilitator guided their thinking in a direction to think how much digital technologies shape their identities and provided them with space to discuss the positive and negative aspects.

The second session focused on developing and employing critical thinking in the digital world. Participants were presented with case studies that introduced them to fake news and infodemic problems in the digital world. This session also focused on the aspect of security in the digital world. Participants were divided into multiple groups which were given cases related to recognizing fake news and they were tasked with developing their mechanism for fake news recognition as well as the aspect of improving security in the digital world.


Also, we discussed the digital habits of participants in an interactive workshop where they presented their good as well as bad habits and focused on what they wanted to improve.

Alongside the aforementioned topics, we also covered the following:

  • Importance of healthy digital habits
  • Personal security in the digital world
  • Future development of AI and its impact on the labour market

Following the speeches and engaging discussions, each participant was given certificates of appreciation for their valuable contribution to the ‘’Becoming Digitally Conscious’’ local workshop. The local workshop was successfully implemented and left a significant impact on all participants who have extended their knowledge on the topic of digitalization, and cyber security.

By taking part in the workshop, the participants have been encouraged to become digitally conscious citizens who will responsibly use technology and digitalization as a powerful tools to drive positive change.

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