“””BRAVO u suradnji sa CKNS otvara poziv za 2 učesnika iz BiH za Erasmus+ trening kurs”””

Otvoren poziv za 2 učenika iz BiH za projekat u Banskoj Bistrici, Slovačka od 25.11 – 03.12.2017.

Važe pravila Erasmus+ programa: – obezbijeđen smiještaj, hrana i prevoz

Ime projekta: “Missing Pieces”
Datum: 25.11 – 03.12.2017.
Mjesto: Banska Bistrica, Slovačka
Profil učesnika: Omladinski radnik, volonter, student, 18+

O projektu:




Missing Pieces training course addresses the question of youth employability. The labor market is dynamically changing and entering the labour market for new generations of youth requires different skills e.g. taking risks, being proactive or self-initiative. Missing pieces are the essential employability skills, which cannot be gained in formal educational setting of the countries of Visegrad 4 and Western Balkans. Missing Pieces introduces applied improvisation as non-formal educational method for fostering sense of initiative, creativity and creating one’s own circumstances on the labor market.

The aim of the project is to empower youth workers to use applied improvisation as an innovative tool to increase youth employability.

We will explore:
· learning styles,
· communications skills that support teamwork and cooperation,
· personal and regional communication styles,
· employability skills through rotation workshops,
· senses of initiative, creativity and entrepreneurship
· the identity of Visegrad and Western Balkans regions,
· youth employment and social entrepreneurship in both regions,
· non-formal educational tools to support youth employability · project development within Erasmus+ with a regional focus on youth employability




  • to develop communication and employability skills
    ● to improve the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship of youth workers
    ● increase the capacity of youth workers by enriching their working methods with applied improvisation
    ● develop future projects to foster youth employability in the V4 and Western Balkans regions
    ● to introduce Youthpass as a tool for self-assessment, evaluation and recognition of non-formal learning




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