In the past period, the BRAVO organization worked on local activities in the framework of the AHEAD project.

Local activities that are reflected in raising people’s awareness of the problems faced by the Roma population. According to our information, this problem is very serious and great importance must be attached to it, in order to solve this problem as soon as possible and so that the Roma communities have their rights and equality, both in Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond.

The project is implemented in four European countries and all aim to raise awareness and help the Roma population in the fight for their rights.

Thus, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in cooperation with the UZR Association “Bolja buducnost” of the City of Tuzla, we successfully implemented two activities in Tuzla.

One activity was organized for all citizens who want to educate themselves about the problem and prevention of all discriminatory problems in Roma communities. As an expert in the field, Indira Bajramovic spoke about the ongoing problems in the Roma communities, who pointed out the importance and need to work on these topics.
Together with the participants, she successfully carried out part of the campaign as part of the AHEAD project and supported the work and development of every improvement in the living communities of Roma.

The second meeting was also held in Tuzla, the meeting was attended by employees of state services in Tuzla. This time, the opportunity was used to discuss the problems of the Roma communities with civil servants who work directly with them and who know best how and in what way to help.

This was an excellent opportunity to get to know each other as citizens, how and in what way the legal regulations help Roma communities, why discrimination occurs and how to prevent it as citizens.

A big thank you to the Association “Bolja Budućnost” and also to the director Indira Bajramović, who with pleasure began to cooperate and solve this issue, which this Association has been dealing with for years.

BRAVO will continue to work on solving all problems and to help all the disenfranchised both in Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond. #AHEAD #MAKETHEWORLDWONDER #BRAVOBIH

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