The AHEAD project, a human rights and discrimination-fighting effort, recently held a transformative workshop as part of a job fair. This event, which was specifically directed at the Roma population and ethnic minorities, attempted to address the pervasive concerns of injustice and discrimination that these populations frequently encounter. The course included interactive quizzes on human rights, which increased participants’ awareness and understanding.


The workshop focused on educating people about their rights and offering tools to prevent discrimination. The event’s interactive format, which included quizzes and discussions, enabled participants to connect with the material and actively assimilate essential concepts.

Human Rights Quizzes

Participants were given thought-provoking quizzes on many areas of human rights. These tests were created not only to evaluate existing knowledge but also to inspire critical thinking about the issues that marginalised people face. Questions varied from basic human rights concepts to specific challenges impacting the Roma and ethnic minorities.


Discussions on discrimination

The session allowed for frank talks about discrimination in all of its forms. Participants were encouraged to share their experiences and points of view, which helped to develop a sense of community and understanding. This discussion illuminated the intricate nature of prejudice, allowing participants to notice and address minor types of bias in their daily lives.


Representation matters

The necessity of representation was emphasized as a fundamental component of the training. Participants learned about the beneficial influence that diverse representation can have on breaking down preconceptions and encouraging inclusivity through case studies and success stories. This conversation intended to motivate people to follow varied professional options and to contribute to the creation of a more equal society.

More about AHEAD project:

AHEAD project aims to promote between youngsters non–discrimination and to combat racism, xenophobia and other forms of intolerance against Roma and other Ethnic minorities (mostly migrants). Partners jointly work on innovative good practice approaches, human rights-based narratives, training, official regular meetings, and European awareness raising campaigns. The project promotes inclusion, tolerance, mutual and multicultural understanding, and fight Roma, ethnic minorities, and migrants in Europe through an innovative approach that combines research, training (national and international) on antidiscrimination and on hate speech, round tables, seminars, the exchange of good practices, meetings between different representatives, stakeholders, CSOs, and youth associations, and a massive dissemination campaign.

The project aims to contribute to strengthening the capacity building of young victims (part of minorities) and the protection of youngsters belonging to minorities by supporting them in capacity building and structuring new mechanisms in public consultations in partner’s country (replicable all over Europe) on the issue of nondiscrimination and fighting every form of hate speech against ethnic minorities, Roma and migrants. 


AHEAD’s aim is to tackle hate speech (also online) and to combat discriminations that target minorities in 5 areas of civil rights: education, labor, housing, health, goods and services, through specific training offered to 200 participants and through an new approach that combines quantitative research, public meetings with stakeholders, and awareness raising campaign. After providing expertise, building competences, advocating and raising awareness among youth people, partners will support the mobilization of young victims and will focus on Capacity building actions for youth, in order to involve Youngsters in decision making and into new structured automatic mechanisms to empower their active participation on hate speech and antidiscrimination.

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