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Today, we felt privileged by giving a lecture to students at the Faculty of sports and physical education about non-formal education and international projects.

This lecture was primarily planned as a way of introducing students to ongoing projects with a tips&tricks session, and especially Sport Diplomacy Academy. But, when you interact with a vibrant group of young people then it is very easy to develop a discussion. We were able to cover a wide range of topics, from activism to entrepreneurship and whether it is possible to connect it through projects and business ideas.

At this lecture, more than 30 students and Assistants took part and get detailed information about #SportDiplomacyAcademy

Huge thanks to professors and assistants that invited us to give a lecture and engage in discussion about topics that are becoming more and more important. We must say that we are quite excited about the upcoming projects!

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Sport Diplomacy Academy project is legacy of recent First Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU, which took place in the first half of 2018. The project will focus on the cooperation with Western Balkans as a logical follow up of all implemented activities under #EU2018BG priority: the EU perspective and connectivity of the Western Balkans, referring to the Sofia Declaration and Sofia Priority Agenda. Both the European Union and Western Balkan partners should continue to invest efforts in strengthening the cooperation and good practices exchange, focused on democracy, security and fundamental rights.

The project will ensure the educational mobility of coaches and other staff of sport organizations (incl. volunteers) linked to professional and grassroots sport. The 4 modules of mobility, held in each one of the partners countries with the same group of participants from the project target group will improve their competences as well as their qualifications and acquire new skills through learning mobility and spending a period of time in a foreign country (in and outside of the EU). The learning mobility will be an investment in human capital and a contribution to the capacity building of sport organizations with clear focus on building a network of well-trained sport diplomats.


  • Sport trainers
  • Sport workers
  • Sports organization staff
  • Professors
  • Sport youth workers
  • Volunteers working on developing sports
  • Sports leaders;
  • Sports coaches;
  • Sports administrators;
  • Students in sports sciences Active young people, involved in a sport

Learning objectives of the #SportDiplomacyAcademy are:

After the implementation of the project mobility, each of the partner countries will have at least 20 well-trained diplomats in sport suits, with practical skills and knowledge in the field of sports diplomacy (political dialogue and international relations, campaigning, successful verbal and non-verbal communication, public speaking, media, protocol and etiquette, EU foreign policy and values). The network that the project will create (4 countries with 20 participants from each country) will focus on supporting and developing the integration of the Western Balkans in the field of sport and will be a quality provider of EU values in the local environment.

Modules location and information:
Module 1Sport diplomacy, EU foreign policy, EU values, political dialogue and international relations.Country: Bosnia and HerzegovinaCity: Sarajevo15.07 – 21.07.2019
Module 2Summary and Feedback of Module 1, analysis of local events, Good governance in the field of sport.Country: BulgariaCity: Sofia14.10-20.10.2019
Module 3Summary and feedback of module 2, local event analysis, campaign management, successful communication (verbal and nonverbal), public speaking, protocol and label.Country: CroatiaCity: Rijeka last week of April 2020
Module 4Summary and feedback of Module 3, analysis of local events, Working with the media, Working with specific target groups, Sport diplomacy for development, How to apply the knowledge we have accumulated.Country: ItalyCity: Romelast week of June 2020