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On behalf of BRAVO team, we are announcing results for 20 participants for all 4 MODULES in SOFIA, SARAJEVO, RIJEKA, ROME for citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Name of the project: “Sport Diplomacy Academy” 
  • Date of Project mobilities: 
  • MODULE 1: Sofia, Bulgaria 10.10.2019 – 17.10.2019.
  • MODULE 2: Sarajevo, B&H 03.12. 2019 – 09.12.2019.
  • MODULE 3: Rijeka, Croatia – April 2020
  • MODULE 4: Rome, Italy – July 2020
  • Organizer: Bulgarian Sport Development Association
  • Hosting organizations: “BSDA”“BRAVO”, “RSS”, “ENDAS”
  • Places: Sofia, Sarajevo, Rijeka, Rome
  • Participants: 20 (age 18+)
  • Working language: English 

Selected participants:

  1. Meris Bećović – Sarajevo (KBV “Tornado”)
  2. Nijaz Memić – Sarajevo (Disability Ski Club ” Sarajevo”)
  3. Damir Agović – Sarajevo ( BJJ team – Team Redzovic Sarajevo)
  4. Dino Šečić – Sarajevo (“Forum sporta”)
  5. Kenan Bibić – Sarajevo ( Intern at BC Žalgiris, Internt at FC Zeljeznicar)
  6. Muhamed Kadrić – Sarajevo (Youth Academy “Ilijaš”, Voleyball club “Bosna Sarajevo” )
  7. Selma Memović – Sarajevo ( ZNK “SFK 2000” – Sarajevo)
  8. Jasmin Harbinja – Sarajevo (Running club “Trčanje i to”)
  9. Haris Idriz – Mostar – ( Faculty for Physical Education in Mostar at the University Džemal Bijedić )
  10. Emrah Kazaz – Bihac (KBS “ZINO”)
  11. Sabina Topčić – Zenica ( Mountain Association Vedro )
  12. Amina Hadzimehanovic – Visoko ( Club of rhythmic gymnastics “Pirueta” )
  13. Emir Muhamedagic – Sarajevo ( Member of Assembly of FC Zeljeznicar )
  14. Almedin Hodzic – Sarajevo ( Snooker referee)
  15. Jasmin Pandur – Mostar ( Kinesology at Sports department of University “Džemal Bijedić” , MMA School Mostar)
  16. Mirza Kehic – Tuzla (Sports club „Delfin“ )
  17. Vanja Subasic – Teslic (“Vuk Karadžič” in Vitkovci )
  18. Milivoje Lujic – Priboj (Football club “Priboj”)
  19. Benjamin Jovic – Doboj (Gracie Barra, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association)
  20. Dino Osmanovic – Sarajevo ( Advantage Law UK – Law Firm )

Waiting list:

  1. Tarik Trbic – Sarajevo (Business developer for a sport organization)
  2. Sasa Trubajic – Banja Luka (Tennis coach)
  3. Estela Hadzikadunic – Sarajevo ( PHD at Faculty of Sport and Physical Education)
  4. Dino Dzehovic – Sarajevo (Student at Faculty of Sport and Physical Education)
  5. Jasmin Kovacevic – Zenica ( Karate club INTERNACIONAL Zenica )
  6. Ema Jazvin – Mostar ( Judo Club “Mostar” )