Welcome to the professional organization guided by key principles: tolerance, democracy, diversity, voluntariness and openness

"The only difference between good and a great organization are boundaries and open mind."

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We are providing trainings for project management, but also designing and writing projects for other organizations and institutions with high results proven records.

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You have a business idea, but do not know where to start from? BRAVO can help you with this. We are using skills and knowledge that helps entrepreneurs to develop their business idea and business model, solve the problems they are facing, while mentoring them and providing many other important aspects of success. We are also offering support to SMSs.

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Together with our partners, BRAVO is providing training and education seminars regarding ETS tools and activities. But we do not stop there! We are also helping in preparation and implementation of sports projects.

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We will guide you through a simple step-by-step process that builds on and integrates best practices and tools from entrepreneurial pioneers and will also give you advice and support your way to success.

BRAVO with a network of over 200 partner organizations and companies is offering possibilities for extending your field of work on the international market, helping you to find associates in other countries in the world.

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BRAVO has a social impact which goal is to promote lifelong commitment together with emphasizing the positive experience of users by deepening knowledge of core principles of discipline, teamwork, safety, respect and integrity. BRAVO tends to gather volunteers who share an interest in IT and video production, sports activities, social activism, art, creative activities, innovation, education and safety as a profession or hobby. All this can enrich our experience through sharing ideas, needs and creativity in different fields, and by this, we are deepening our knowledge and experience of Erasmus plus and other European programs. BRAVO offers to its volunteers a chance for engagement, creation and development of their skills and knowledge outside working room and office. By participating in BRAVO, members learn to work together through the idea of giving back to the society by promoting volunteering and active citizenship. Continuously we try to express ourselves through pictures and social whether we are promoting our activities, or promoting a cause that is important to everyone.


The vision of BRAVO consists of an idea of creating a strong network of volunteers, donors, and partners in order to be fully available in times of need. We strive to transform compassion into action in order to inspire, motivate and promote all forms of humanitarian activities done by civil society in order to limit or ease human suffering. This can contribute to keeping and promoting human dignity as a value that is incorporated in all human beings. BRAVO tends to identify and invest in short-term and long-term strategic partnerships in all fields we are active at.


– commitment
– originality and innovation
– teamwork and collective responsibility
– democracy and transparency of work
– objectivity and self-criticism
– recognition
– tolerance
– diversity
– volunteerism and openness

Become a Member

Members of the BRAVO are working hard to make youth, youngsters and student programs run smoothly and to create a welcoming atmosphere for the international volunteers and students.

Individual (Associate) membership is available to persons whose interests, activities, and/or background are consistent with the purposes of the BRAVO, or those want to learn new things and contribute to society. Associate membership also can include those who are active in, or engaged in leadership or other positions of a non-governmental organization, whether or not the organization is a member of the BRAVO.

Why you should become a BRAVO volunteer?

Becoming a BRAVO member is the perfect opportunity to join the great community of the volunteers and international teams working in the more than 30 countries in the world. Becoming BRAVO volunteer you are helping the local, national and international community. By joining BRAVO, you can enjoy many exclusive benefits:

  • gain new skills
  • work on personal development
  • manage different projects
  • opportunities to travel
  • have contact with international environment
  • attend fun events
  • using office space for studying and practicing
  • attend trainings and conferences
  • easier entrance in the job market
  • networking
  • helping members accomplish their tasks
  • benefit from capacity building activities of the network, learn from others and share your expertise with others
  • promote your projects, ideas and work to a global audience
  • network, share and exchange knowledge and experience within the network
  • meet new people from around the world
  • enlarge your personal and professional networks

The BRAVO members are:

  • internationally minded and very mobile
  • creative and flexible
  • active and dynamic
  • open-minded
  • multilingual and communicative
  • young leaders
  • youth workers
  • international and national trainers

Required skills and experience for new team leaders:

  • Leadership skills;
  • Experience with projects;
  • Experience in a volunteer-led organization;
  • A structured and reliable way of working;
  • Knowledge in topics discussed on a European level, including youth, culture and Erasmus+;
  • Background in the youth work, NGO sector and European projects, Entrepreneurship, Sport, Reproductive Health and STD-s, Videography and Photography or other BRAVO sectors/topics;
  • communicative and flexible
  • team player
  • ready to travel and represent BRAVO on meetings
  • knowledge of BRAVO history is a plus
  • to be 18 to 35 years old

Required skills and experience for new members:

  • no experience required
  • interested in local, national and/or international projects
  • interested in one or more of BRAVO sectors
  • interested in contributing to the local and international society
  • communicative and flexible
  • team player
  • interested in traveling, participating in seminars, training, and conferences
  • interested in learning new things
  • to be 15 to 35 years old

Required skills and experience for new international members:

  • coming out of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • no experience required
  • interested in international projects
  • interested in one or more of BRAVO sectors
  • interested in contributing to the international society
  • communicative and flexible
  • team player
  • interested in traveling, participating in seminars, training, and conferences
  • interested in learning new things
  • to be 15 to 35 years old


Complete the BRAVO NEW MEMBER – APPLICATION FORM in English title as following ”Name, Surname, New member/New International Memeber/New member team leader” until 23:59 on deadline day.

Deadline for applying: 20.07.2019.
Selection results/invitations for interview: 01.08.2019.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at:  [email protected]