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BRAVO announces a call for 6 participants for Youth Exchange in Odessa, Ukraine from 27.04 – 05.05.2019. for B&H citizens and those living in B&H.

Name of the project:  “GO GREEN” 
Date of Project: 27.04.2019 – 05.05.2019.Organizer: NGO “Go On
Place:  Odessa, Ukraine 
Participants: 5(16 – 30 years old ) + 1  (no age limit)
Working language: English
Deadline for applying: 22.02.2019.

Youth Exchange is a project under the Erasmus+ program which means that YE is under Erasmus+ rules. Accommodation, food and travel costs (275€ limit) will be covered by organizers.

About the project:

Human activity has a negative impact on our natural environment. The ecological crisis is a consequence of the past behaviour of the human race. United Nations
stays that the involvement of today’s youth in environment and development decision-making and in the implementation of programmes is critical to the longterm
success of Agenda 21. Young people, being the decision makers of tomorrow, need to understand how changes in the environment will affect them and how they
can become involved in the issues and decisions that will ultimately affect them. The project “Go Green” is designed to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to address complex environmental issues; to become active citizens and to take active participation on local, national or international level.

The objectives of youth exchange “Go Green” are:
– to understand how our decisions and actions affect the environment; to raise awareness about the environmental issues and possible future consequences caused
by human-beings;
– to empower youth in active citizenship taking responsibility in their countries and participating in the decision-making process regarding the protection of the
environment; to prepare them to take a more active, positive and responsible role in society;
– to develop a green way of thinking and habits thanks to meetings with experts, role games, workshops, discussions, debates about topics such as ecology, recycling,
environment, sustainable development and active citizenship;
– to organize and to participate in the cleaning event in Teplodar (Odessa region); to install segregated waste bins in Teplodar and to carry out an awareness campaign
for the local dwellers;
– to practice youth participation by organizing an event dedicated to the Earth Day for the local community, which will be implemented during the Youth Exchange
(participants will come with the idea of the event by themselves; it might be a theater performance, flash-mob, exhibition, etc.);
– to exchange experiences, good practices and create new ideas about environmental care among young people.


37 participants will gather in Odessa region, Ukraine, for a youth exchange “Go Green”, from 27th April to 5th May 2019 (27th April – arrival day, 5th May – departure day).

They will come from 6 partner countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Malta, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey and Ukraine. Every organization will send 5 participants, age 16-30, and one group leader without the age restriction.

Partner organizations:
Bosnian Representative Association for Valuable Opportunities
International Alliance for Integration and Sustainability
Gemeente Midden Groningen
La Vibria Intercultural
Genclik Mevsimi Dernegi
Go On

Travel Reimbursements & Costs

Following costs will be covered by project budget:

100% costs for accommodation, 100% costs for 3 meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) & 2 coffee-break per day. Travel costs (from your house to the venue) will be reimbursed according to distance (please check table below).

Reimbursement of travel costs will be done after all travel documents and payment proofs will be collected. Reimbursement will be transferred on the organization bank account.

Youth Exchange will take place in Odessa, in the south of Ukraine. The city has an airport with good national and international connection. If you are arriving to Kyiv,
you can easily reach Odessa via train (https://www.uz.gov.ua/en/) or bus (https://gunsel.ua/en/, https://ecolines.net/ua/). Feel free to contact us, if you need
any assistance in arranging your trip.
The travel costs within the budget limit of your country will be reimbursed only if these 3 conditions are fulfilled:
– you gave all the original tickets to our organization. It’s fundamental to bring the invoices or the travel confirmation, where the price is clearly indicated;
– you attended all of the activities during the youth exchange;
– you submitted any report upon the request of our organization or Erasmus+.

OrganizationCountryN° of ParticipantsMax sum per participantMax sum per group
Bosnian Representative Association for Valuable OpportunitiesBosnia and Herzegovina6€ 275€ 1650
International Alliance for Integration and SustainabilityMalta6€ 275€ 1650
Gemeente Midden GroningenNetherlands6€ 275€ 1650
La Vibria InterculturalSpain6€ 360€ 2160
Genclik Mevsimi DernegiTurkey6€ 275€ 1650
Go OnUkraine600


Complete the BRAVO- APPLICATION FORM in English title as following ”name of the project you are applying for” until 23:59 at 22.02.2019. 

Deadline for applying: 22.02.2019.
Selection results: up to 27.02.2019.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]bih.com