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Excited to welcome guests to Sarajevo for the kick-off event of a new two-year project, “Berlin Process Academy.”

Through the process of six international project meetings and five mobilities, trainers and participants will exchange knowledge and practices related to foreign language learning, Internet safety, secure systems, leadership and business management.

Stay tuned to follow all the awesome experiences through the Berlin Process Academy!


Project “Berlin Process Academy” project includes organization of 5 learning activities and 6 international project meetings as part of building a strong and lasting strategic partnership in the field of young people. The basic assumptions of the project are the exchange of practices and the acquisition of knowledge of specialist English, foreign language skills, professional skills and acquiring the skills needed to run a business in an international organization by young people participating in design. Participants as part of the project also have their own competences. They learn the art of good communication and assertiveness. Two people from the management team and youth leaders participate in the project meetings,

while there are pupils and guardians from each side during its continuing. The first educational activity will be related to intensive English language course which is essential in project communication. The meeting will be organized by SFERA SRBIJA. The next meeting will be held in Croatia and will concern the management of non-governmental organizations

operating in the international environment. Subsequently, the project activities will be transferred to Serbia as part of active inclusion in international society. The fourth educational meeting will be held in Poland and will focus on the Berlin Process. The fifth and final educational meeting will be held again in Poland – its subject will be digital competences of young people.

Classes implemented as part of the project will have an interactive character, based not only on the transfer of knowledge, but mainly on the exercise through role-playing, presentations and case studies, and seminars. Classes will include both group work and individual work.

The trainers will be people who have not only knowledge and experience in the topics that will be discussed, but they will be practitioners who use

this knowledge in their everyday life. In addition to strictly educational activities, participants will learn about the culture, art and history of host countries, thanks to which it will be possible to bring young people from partner countries closer together, get to know different cultures, refute many stereotypes and counteract nationalism in Europe. It will definitely facilitate future transnational cooperation and strengthening European ties.

During the project, the youth and the staff involved in the activities will also implement:

– information meetings about the project and what are the Berlin Process, European Union, Erasmus + and the “Berlin Process Academy” project – implemented in all countries of the project,

– information campaigns among peers and the elderly, people with disabilities aiming at integration and social inclusion of the above groups,

– information meetings / promotional campaigns in countries not covered by the project, which are in the orbit of interest in the Berlin Process,

– initiating partnerships at the levels of non-governmental organizations, local governments and above,

– initiating cultural events and exchanging experience transfer between partners in the project,
– activities aimed at establishing and operating a youth center operating on the basis of cooperation of project partners,
– creation and management of the International Youth Center in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In addition, as part of the activities, the Development Strategy of Non-governmental Organizations of Podkarpacie, Vojvodina, Slavonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina will be prepared as a starting point for the continuation of partner activities outside the scope of the project. It is anticipated that thanks to the project implementation the following results will be achieved:

1. Increased openness among project participants

2. Significant increase in management knowledge in an international non-governmental organization,

3. Increased chances on the labor market by project participants,

4. Increasing social competences of project participants

5. Further joint project activities,

6. Dissemination of European values using the opportunities provided by the Berlin Process,

7. Increase of social competences needed to be a leader in their community,

8. Increase in the quality of volunteering,

9. Increase of digital competences

10. Implementation of the Strategy for Development of Non-governmental Organizations Podkarpacie, Vojvodina, Slavonia and Bosnia and

Herzegovina, 11. Active inclusion in international society.