Ismail Šehić

O’VISOR photography contest

We are proud to announce a photography contest that offers fantastic monetary awards along with exhibiting all chosen artworks on international exhibitions in Athens ???? in February and in Sarajevo ?? in April this year.

Open Call for Participants for Youth Exchange in Romania

Through “Feeling European” we want to raise European awareness among young people and to increase their confidence in the European Union, but also to promote the European principles and values both, among the young people in the EU and outside the EU.

Open Call for 6 participants for Youth Exchange in Budapest, Hungary

Humankind has brought our world borders, conflicts and wars, and pollution due to excessive consumption of technological development. Continuous greedy mining of raw materials, massive industrial production results in unpleasant consequences for both people and the environment.

The final Sports Diplomacy Academy meeting

In the period 13-16 of December 2021, in Sofia, Bulgaria, the final partners meeting of Sports Diplomacy Academy was held and it gathered the organizations, implementing since 2019 the pilot initiative that is aiming to empower sports leaders from Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Italy and it delivered by Bulgarian Sports Development Association, Bosnian Representative Association for Valuable Opportunities (BRAVO), Rijeka’s Sports Association and L’Orma SSD.

Pobjednici takmičenja “Zašto volontiraš?

Dana 5.12. 2021. godine BRAVO je obilježio Dan volontera, koji za cilj ima dignuti svijest o radu volontera i njihovom doprinosu na lokalnom, nacionalnom te međunarodnom nivou. U svrhu dodatnog podizanja svijesti o volonterskom angažmanu mladih, naš tim je odlučio obradovati srednjoškolce, pružajući potreban prostor za promovisanje aktivnog učeća u lokalnoj zajednici.

KORFBALL – Final Meeting & Competition

Namely, as you all already know, BRAVO – Bosnian Representative Association for Valuable Opportunities is an organization that breaks down barriers day by day and fights for human rights and equality. So it was this time as well.

O’VISOR – Round Table, Tirana, Albania

After successfully implementing info sessions in partner countries, the next stop for the O’visor project was the Round Table that was held in Tirana, Albania from 17th till 20th December, where three representatives of BRAVO, aside from its director, Ismail Šehić, took part.

ASA PROGRAM – Selection Results

Add Your Heading Text Here Towards the end of the year 2021, our team has published various calls for intercultural exchanges and similar projects that work on improving hard and soft skills of young people in our society. Besides bringing the year 2021 to an end, our hardworking team successfully conducted selection processes for open…

#BOOST framework approval meeting

In the period of 07th to 10th of December 2021, in Milan, Italy has held framework approval meeting of the project “BOOST-Boosting Outstanding Omnicompetent Successful Talents”. BOOST is a 24-month strategic partnership, co-funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union

BRAVO 5th of December – International Volunteer Day

A holiday devoted to everyone who use their time and energy to push their communities toward better tomorrow, International Volunteer Day (IVD) recognizes all kinds of volunteer-based efforts made for positive social change on either local, national or international level.

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