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We are providing trainings for project management, but also designing and writing projects for other organizations and institutions with high results proven records.

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You have a business idea, but do not know where to start from? BRAVO can help you with this. We are using skills and knowledge that helps entrepreneurs to develop their business idea and business model, solve the problems they are facing, while mentoring them and providing many other important aspects of success. We are also offering support to SMSs.

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Together with our partners, BRAVO is providing training and education seminars regarding ETS tools and activities. But we do not stop there! We are also helping in preparation and implementation of sports projects.

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  • Date of Project: 22.05 – 29.05.2021.

  • Applicant organization: “Windmill Tree”

  • Hosting organization: “Windmill Tree”

  • Sending organizations: “BRAVO – Responsible for the participant from Bosnia and Herzegovina!

  • Location: Izery Mountains, POLAND

  • Participant’s age: 18+

  • The number of participants: 1 from Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Language: English


  1. Harisa Hibić


  1. Sara Međić

  2. Almina Bajić

  3. Tarik Imamović

If you have any questions feel free to contact

Selection Result for ESC Project in Afyonkarahisar, Turkey

  • Name of the project: “AKÜ is Starting Solidarity Movement!”

  • Date of Project: 05.2021 – 28.06.2021. (59 days)

  • Hosting organization: “Afyon Kocatepe University”

  • Sending organizations: “BRAVO”

  • Location: Afyonkarahisar, Turkey

  • Participants’ age: 18 – 30

  • The number of volunteers: 2

  • Working language: English

Selected Volunteers:

  1. Nataša Vuković

  2. Azra Zahirović

Waiting list:

  1. Stefan Savić

  2. Merjem Begović

  3. Sajma Kapić

  4. Aleksandra Dujaković

If you have any questions feel free to contact

World Autism Awareness day 2021

World Autism Awareness day 2021

There are worlds that need love, friendship, and tenderness. Today we peeked into one such world- These are our new friends from the Association for Creative Learning “Mak.”

On the occasion of celebrating the 2nd of April, World Autism Awareness Day, BRAVO volunteers visited the children of the association “Mak” and shared sincere smiles and sweet snacks with them!

The association for creative learning “Mak” aims to creatively improve, motivate and encourage the learning of children, parents, and all those who want continuous growth. The association discusses lifelong learning, and one of the active projects is “Mama cup of tea,” when moms come for tea and children participate in some creative activities. The association is currently working with thirteen children. In the coming period, they will be joined by ten more children whose parents are currently undergoing training, during which they are introduced to learning methods.

BRAVO always strives to point out the importance of the inclusion of people with autistic disorders in all spheres of society to achieve a better quality of life for all of us!

We really hope that as a society we will learn that it is okay to be different and that we will pay more attention to each others!

What is Autism?

Autism, or autism spectrum disorder, is a developmental disorder that is characterized by significant challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication. People with autism often have difficulties understanding what other people think and feel. Because of that, it can behard for them to express themselves with words, through gestures, facial expressions, and touch. There is not only one form of autism but many subtypes, most influenced by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Since autism is a spectrum disorder, each person with this disorder has their own distinct set of strengths and challenges. That being said, autism can be a minor problemfor some or a disability that needs full-time care in a special facility for others.

The cause of autism is not known and there is no known cure for it. It continues throughout an individual’s life. Autism occurs all over the world in any socioeconomic background, race, or ethnicity. Boys are affected more than girls. Additionally, it seems to run in families, which indicates a possible genetic link to the disorder.

Symptoms of autism are usually noticeable by age two or three. Numerous research have shown that an early intervention for people with autism leads to positive outcomes later in their life. Different specialists, such as physicians, psychologists, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, or physical therapists, can play a role in the evaluation process for a diagnosis of autism. These specialists can work together in order to help develop and implement intervention plans along with parents or caregivers. The goals of the interventions are to improve social interaction, communication, and/or behavior to enable better functioning in daily activities for the person with autism at home, school, and in their community.

World Autism Awareness Day

The UN General Assembly had declared April the 2ndas World Autism Awareness Day in order to “highlight the need to help improve the quality of life of those with autism so they can lead full and meaningful lives as an integral part of society”. April the 2nd, 2021, was the fourteenth time this day has been celebrated, the first being in 2008. As you might know, the color blue is often linked to autism. The idea originates from the autism advocacy association known as ‘’Autism Speaks’’. Their “Light it Up Blue” campaign invites people to wear blue to promote autism awareness, and because of this on April the 2nd we can see a lot of blue being shown off. Blue is also the organization’s primary color, and is linked with a calm feeling as well as acceptance in an otherwise loud world for people on the spectrum.

How did the BRAVO celebrate World Autism Awareness Day?

Our ESC volunteers from Turkey are currently volunteering in the Association for Creative Learning  ‘‘Mak’’ in Vogošća. It is a nonprofit association that aims to improve, motivate, and encourage the learning of children, parents, and others who seek continuous growth, in a creative way. The Association focuses on lifelong learning and is currently working with 13 children. Ten more children are expected to join in the upcoming period, as their parents are undergoing training where they are learning more about and exploring learning methods.

In order to celebrate the special day of autism awareness, our volunteers surprised the children of the Association with a delicious cake, bringing them genuine smiles and sweet bites while taking all precautions necessary against COVID-19. It was a truly meaningful experience to see the children’s joy. Days like these are important to the BRAVO and we always strive to celebrate them. We aim to promote the importance of inclusion of people with autism, and other disorders, to improve the quality of life for all of us. ‘‘Autism is not a disability, it is a different ability!’’


Projekt #SafeSPORTevent stiže nam u veoma izazovnim vremenima za Europu i cijeli svijet, kada je glavni cilj Europske komisije sigurnost svih učesnika Erasmus + i Europskih Snaga Solidarnosti programa, te iznad svega – zaštita od svih daljnjih sličnih izazova koji bi se mogli pojaviti u budućnosti. Glavni cilj #SafeSPORTevent –a  je zaštititi sportaše- posebno najmlađe- od opasnosti po zdravlje i sigurnost poboljšanjem uvjeta treninga i natjecanja, a posebno tijekom mnogih sigurnosnih prijetnji  čije upravljanje treba biti utvrđeno specifičnim sigurnosnim protokolima koji u ovom razvojnom periodu ne postoje u sektoru sporta. Projekt će podržati mobilnost volontera, trenera, menadžera i osoblja neprofitnih sportskih organizacija ,te će služit u obrazovne svrhe s ciljem da obogati njihove vještine i znanje kako reagirati u sigurnim, ali i izazovnim situacijama.

Za postizanje gore navedenih ciljeva projekta bit će izrađene sljedeće smjernice:

  • Izdanje priručnika za Siguran Sportski Događaj- (Safe Sport Event), uključujući praktične brošure (protokole) za Sigurne sportske događaje koje sportske organizacije mogu koristiti kao vodič tijekom organiziranja lokalnih / nacionalnih / međunarodnih sportskih događaja i inovativnih aktivnosti “Obrazovanje kroz sport” s naglaskom na sigurnost i zaštitu (neformalne obrazovne aktivnosti);


  • Osnažiti sportske menadžere, administratore i volontere u 2 zemlje Europske unije, 1 zemlji sudionici programa i 1 zemlji Zapadnog Balkana da usredotočeno rade na ostvarivanju sigurnosti i zaštite u sportu, posebno tijekom sportskih događaja;


  • Izvršiti međunarodni trening “Složeno sigurnosno okruženje i sport” i implementirani lokalne obuke kao odgovor na međunarodnog treninga kako bi se osigurao podjednak učinak posvuda;


Cilj ovog istraživanja je utvrditi stanje zaštite i sigurnosti u sportskom sektoru. Prikupljene podatke analizirat će projektni tim, a zbirni podaci istraživanja razmotrit će se tijekom planiranja obrazovnih aktivnosti projekta #SafeSPORTevent.

Zahvaljujemo na Vašem doprinosu u omogućavanju sigurnosti i zaštite u sportu!

Saznajte više o #SafeSPORTevent na www.safesportevent.net

Ako ste predstavnici sportskog kluba, organizacije ili neke sportske institucije, a niste popunili #SafeSportEvent anketu, zamolili bih vas da kliknete na link ispod i u samo par minuta pomognete nam da dobijemo što kvalitetniji pregled situacije sigurnosti sporta u Bosni i Hercegovini. 

Promo video #SafeSportEvent projekta možete progledati na videu ispod.

Ako imate dodatnih pitanja budite slobodni da nas kontaktirate putem forme ispod ili putem maila

[email protected]

BRAVO discusses cooperation with Yunus Emre Center

Cooperation Meeting with Yunus Emre Institute

Today, on the 1st of April, BRAVO representatives had a meeting with Yunus Emre Institute. Main focus of the meeting was negotiations on cooperation.

Topics of the meeting were:

  • Mutual interest/cooperation
  • Turkish language online courses
  • Acculturation

The meeting was held within the Covid19 measures. 

 Regarding the topic of cooperation, mutual projects were discussed. In case of the main permissions are obtained, mutual projects will be carried out in the future, and these issues can be negotiated again. Owing to the fact that the global pandemic is still a thing, face – to – face projects have been suspended, so we will give our best to organize online events. Additionally, Turkish language online courses are already available, so BRAVO volunteers can help the tutors and make contribution with their own knowledge and materials.

Apropos the topic of acculturation, activities such as marbling art, anecdotes, nursery rhymes and folk dances can be performed.  Due to the increase of number of patients infected by Covid – 19, all the face – to – face events are cancelled by the governmental authorities, so some permissions should be obtained for these activities.

We are thankful to Yunus Emre Institute authorities for hosting us.

Yunus Emre Enstitüsü ile İş Birliği Görüşmesi

Bugün Yunus Emre Enstitü ile BRAVO International yetkilisi ve gönlülüleri olarak bir toplantı gerçekleştirdik. Toplantımız da bu iki organizasyonun birlikte hangi iş birlikteliklerin de bulunabilecekleri üzerine istişare gerçekleştirildi.

Toplantının konuları;

  • İş birliktelikleri
  • Türkçe Online Kurslar
  • Kültür Etkileşimi

Covid-19 önlemleri çerçevesinde gerçekleştirilen bu toplantı da,

İş birlikteliği konu başlığı altında ortak projeler yürütülmesi konusu hakkında görüşme sağlandı. Gerekli izinler alındığı durumda ileride ortak projeler üretilebilir ve bunlar için tekrar görüşme sağlanabilir.

Ancak Pandemi dolayısı ile yüzyüze gerçekleştirilen projelerin bir çoğunun askıya alınmış durumda olduğu bilgisi bizlerle paylaşıldı.

  • Türkçe online kurslarının bulunduğu bilgisini paylaşan yetkililer, BRAVO gönüllülerinin de bu kurslara yardımcı olarak katılabileceği ve öğretmenlere destek olabilecekleri, isterlerse kendi ürettikleri içerikleri kursa katılan öğrenciler ile paylaşabilecekleri iletildi.
  • Kültürel etkiletişim başlığı altında unutulmaya yüz tutmuş “Ebru Sanatı, Fıkralar, Tekerlemeler ve Halk oyunları gibi etkinliklerin gerekli izinler alındığı taktir de gerçekleştirebileceği açıklandı.

  • Saray Bosna’da kötüye giden Covid-19 artan vakalar nedeni ile yüzyüze gerçekleştirilen bütün etkinlerin Hükemet yetkilileri tarafından iptal edilmesinden dolayı, etkinlikler yapılmadan önce gerekli izinlerin alınması gerektiği tarafımıza iletilmiştir.

Bizleri ağırladıkları için Yunus Emre Enstitüsü yetkililerine tekrar teşekkürlerimizi iletiyoruz.