Our Mission

BRAVO has a social impact which goal is to promote lifelong commitment together with emphasizing positive experience of users by deepening knowledge of core principles of discipline, teamwork, safety, respect and integrity.

Our Vission

Vision of BRAVO consists in an idea of creating strong network of volunteers, donors and partners in order to be fully available in times of need.

Our Focus

Focus of our organization is on international projects, including sports in our organization, and work on creative actions such as photography, graphics, dance and music through which we promote human rights.


Our Team

There are many persons involved in active work in BRAVO, but we have team who is focused just on Erasmus+ and International projects. These people had attended various educations such as: human rights with accent on the women rights, civil protection, training for trainer of Anti-trafficking programme and Conflict prevention. We have trainers for sport activities, IT, video production, human rights, Anti-trafficking, Reproductive health and STD-s, Fight against Hate speech, photography and so many other.

Ismail Sehic

Ismail Šehić

Founder & Director

Edelhida Dervišević Šehić

Secretary General

Ensad Kaikčija

President of Assembly

Adnan Panjeta

EVS/ESC Mentor

Amer Bjelonja

International volunteers coordinator